Everything stocked, from composts to fertilizers, pots to water butts, pest and weed control fabrics

    The Trading Hut is a gardeners shop established over 50years ago and staffed by friendly knowledgeable volunteers.We are situated on the Granville Avenue allotment site and we welcome everyone with an interest in gardening whether you are new to this fascinating hobby or have been gardening for years. Come and see us, compare our prices,we are usually cheaper than the garden centres. 

 Our last day of opening is 26th November 2017.

  Re opening Sunday January 21st 2018



  • John Innes. seed, 1-2-3 compost 25ltr £3ea or 3 for £8 
  • Peatfree compost 60ltr £4 
  • Growmore 3kg £2.66  £25kg £20
  • Poultry manure pellets bucket 7.5kg £5ea
  • Westland gro-bags 35lt  £2.50 or 3 for £7
  • Hortons multi-purpose 75ltr £4
  • Waterbutt 210ltr/203ltr with tap/filter/lid/stand  £25 
  • Chillington type hoe RRP £24.50 our price £12
  •       Seeds are permanently 20% off retail price. 

          You have to be a member to purchase goods in the shop.

           Membership £2 per year       

          Advice and Opinions are given free!